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  Metallurgy Chemistry Environment  

Our projects have dealt with many aspects of Business Management in several fields of Materials Science and Engineering, Metallurgy, Chemistry and Environment etc.as well as in Instructional Design. Only the outlines of some projects are presented below in order to respect the confidentiality of the sponsors on various new technical and technological issues.

Selected Projects :

Projects carried out by our associate A. Bishka [B.Sc. (Europe); M.Sc. (USA); M.B.A. (USA)] for the following specific companies :

  • Learning Designs Online, Inc., Toronto.
    Designing and development of curricula for key clients such as CIBC and Amicus. Identification of learning objectives and strategies to ensure an interactive and effective learning environment that aligns with client needs. Evaluating of print, multimedia and online course training programs. Gathering and organizing of information for analytical and research purposes such as the study conducted on a proposal for an internet-based delivery degree program in retail management.
  • Mosaic OPG Inc., Toronto.
    Establishing instructional goals and objectives. Developing facilitator's manuals by applying adult learning principles and appropriate instructional design models for CIBC. Creating case studies, learning activities and tests.
  • College of Education, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC). PBL long distance teaching through operating computers and other equipment.
  • Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center, SIUC.
    Designing a promotion and advertising brochure. Providing project managers with marketing research data. Processing survey/questionnaire data with Excel. Developing Power Point presentations for clients. Creating graphical illustrations.
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Coordinating meetings and handling public relations activities. Preparing draft documents and summarized project reports.
  • Nutrition Headquarters, Carbondale, IL.
    Investigating and identifying the causes of order processing and shipping incongruities and defining the interventions to be deployed for rectifying the situation.
Other selected projects will be coming soon into this page according to business stipulations.

For information in advance please contact : Secretary@FLOGEN.COM

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