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  Metallurgy Chemistry Environment  
Analytical Chemistry :
  • Monitoring of heavy metal levels in marine samples
  • Evaluation of pollutant contents in some rivers, lakes and agricultural soils
  • Determination of Anionic Surfactants in natural waters
  • Ultra sensitive sensors for mercury vapors in air and metallic mercury in aqueous solutions
  • Determination of trace elements in marine sediment SD-MEDPOL-1/TM and in fish homogenate MA-MEDPOL-1/TM.
  • Acid Rain Analysis
  • Freshwater Analysis
  • Laboratory Inter comparison on Precipitation Chemistry
  • Trace Elements in Water
  • Analytical Quality Assurance Study: Cd, Pb and Hg
  • The effect of source/absorber width in CS AAS spectra
  • A new approach on the calculation of half width of AAS profiles
  • Determination of Phenolic Compounds, PAHs and Heavy Metals in Surface Waters
  • Determination of organochlorine pesticides and selected heavy metals in soils
  • Determination of lead in the blood of the children
  • Potentiometric characterization of weak acids by multiple sample additions

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